Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Journey To The Burn 08/20/08

Reporting live from Ames, Iowa

Bacok on the road, back on the riot trail...incing closer to dropping the transcendental bomb on Burning Man.

Yesterday we traveled just over 1100 miles, taking 13 hours, going from Salem, Ohio to the warm home of Ananda Prabhu and his good wife and Jagannatha and Baladeva and Subhadra! in Ames, Iowa.  To all we offer our eternal gratitude.

The day's drive featured each individual participating in their favorite ecstatic activity: Soma was driving a truck's load of sublime Rath cart, Rasikananda was chanting the Lord's holy names, and Chris was sleeping and sleeping.

Too bad we are only getting 11 miles per gallon hauling this fare.  (Don't tell Tapah!)

Today, off to ISKCON Spanish Fork, Utah.  Hoping to get darshan of the Rocky Mountains along the way.

Here's the visual proof... 


Mandali Dasi Mendrilla said...

How is Yajna Narayana doing?

Have a safe rest of the journey...

Ys, Mandali Dasi

Madhava Gosh said...

1100 miles in 13 hours = 85 MPH.

Slowing down would give you better mileage.