Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Journey To The Burn 08/21/08

Reporting live from Spanish Fork, Utah

We are now at the wondrous ISKCON temple here in Spanish Fork, home of llamas and Krishna-conscious radio and heat and flies.

We've rolled across the surprisingly scenic hills of Iowa, through the mystical mesas of Wyoming, where the moon shone even in the morning sky, guiding naturally his dear servant Soma as our chariots glided closer and closer to the Burn.

Into Utah now. It's hot. A lot of billboards with happy white people selling weird things, like movies about rugby and perfume. But we're almost there!

We have a few public service announcements. On our drive back in a few weeks, we would love to find and stay with any devotees located in the Loraine and\or Cheyenne, Wyoming areas. And as well....WE ARE IN NEED OF GAS MONEY! Especially for the journey back in a few weeks.

Any kind souls who can help in these regards can leave a message on our blog, or contact us at 301-476-0186 or at

I'll shut up now. Here are some pics...

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